This One Fact Will Never Make You Want To Double Dip Again

How much bacteria does double dipping spread? Is it a myth?

Researchers at Clemson University did a study on this very question. They found that when you double dip a chip, you’re placing up to 1000 bacteria per milliliter!

If you want to get technical, they found that sauces that had been dipped in but not double dipped in had less than 10 bac/ml; however, sauces that had been double dipped in were far more contaminated. Less viscous sauces seemed to pick up the most bacteria from double dipping, such as salsa, which had nearly 1000 bac/ml from double dipping. Other favorites such as cheese and chocolate weren’t free from the double dipping bacteria party either, with ~160 bac/ml and ~200 bac/ml, respectively.

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Video: Tech Insider